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Bible-Discovery for Android

This is a feature rich off-line Bible Study Tool.
The Android version of the Bible-Discovery tries to be prominent among other mobile Bible programs with its Bible-study opportunities and its convenient functions. The Android version is being developed to be similar in its capabilities to the present PC Bible-Discovery.

The program can be used for all Android mobile phones with minimum 2.1 Android operating system.

The Android Bible program is freeware. And you can purchase an enlarged version that is suitable for studying the Bible.

Download Bible Study Tool for Android You can download the Android Bible

My aim is to provide a solution for the Bible lovers and explorers to be able to devote themselves to their favorite pastime better and easier (so far on this platform).

The Android program does the following:

  • The text can be scrolled automatically. Scrolling can be speeded up and slowed down. It needs a double click to start scrolling.
  • Local menu is presented by a long-click: with its help among others the clicked word or the Strong-number can be searched for or the dictionary can be scrolled.
  • Bookmarks can be handled. The bookmarks in different categories make possible that the verses should be colored differently.
  • Commentary can be written next to the verses.
  • Notes can be written.
  • Verses can be seen with a black background in night-mode.
  • After the activation of the bubble-prompt, the word's dictionary-meaning and its original shades of meaning can be looked up.
  • The Bible translations can be changed.
  • Books, chapters and verses can be selected very easily.
  • It can be easy to scroll to the next chapter.
  • Display of Strong-numbers can be switched.
  • Cross-references, morphology and transliteration of Greek and Hebrew words can be displayed.
  • It can be navigated through the search results not only in the search panel but also in the Bible panel.
  • Simple and compound expressions can also be searched for by using even brackets or wildcards. It possesses just as highly developed searching possibilities as the PC Bible-Discovery program does.
  • Dictionary is not only suitable for scrolling but also for searching.
  • Type-size can be enlarged or reduced.
  • Holding the most of the push-buttons pressed long, the function of the button is written textually. Some of the push-buttons also have long-click function.
  • Quick bookmarking feature

Download Bible Study Tool for Android You can download the Android Bible

Some screenshots:

Bible panel of Android Bible program:

Some toolbar icons:

Verse chooser of Android Bible program:

Local menu of Bible panel

Search panel of Android Bible program:

Bible panel with Strongs:

Bible panel with cross references:

Dictionary panel:

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